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Regulate Acidic Body Before Burning Body Fat
SkiMe new Fat Burning Drink, helps bodily excess acid removal, reducing bloated body figure thoroughly, allowing you to regain healthy body and stay slim without rebound. 

SkiMe Anti-Acidic Fat Burning Drink makes full use of tropical fruits as its main base, as fruits are alkaline food. High intake of alkaline food can help to alkalize your over-acidic body, restoring the balance pH value for human body and increasing metabolism rate.

Why Anti-Acidic Slimming is Important to You?
Modern busy lifestyle often leaves negative habits that will easily lead to unhealthy and unattended fat body figure. Causes such as overeating and daily exercise negligence ultimately leads to excessive accumulation of threatening bodily fat. Morever, the younger generation tends to be heavy meat-eater and consume less fruits and vegetables. This affects the body to become more acidic in general. A healthy body is a balanced state of acidic and alkaline elements. 

Excessive intake of acidic food such as meats will also result in acidic body that encourage the thick and sticky blood build up, slowing metabolism rate and eventually resulting obesity. Most obese people oftenly find it difficult to slim down even they diligently indulge in sports activities.

Hence, SkiMe Anti-Acidic Fat Burning Drink is the easiest and most natural route in enabling Healthy Slimming!


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