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NuFood Light Meal Nutritious Grains - - The emerging concept of light food
Using the nutritious foods that meets the needs of modern people, suitable for everyone in the fast food culture. Around 40 kinds of dietary nutrients provide you with the bodys daily needs. It contains the main minerals the human body needs and the calcium required for bone growth and maintenance. Dietary fiber with high protein and a variety of amino acids helps to balance the nutrition of foodies. In addition, NuFood added Frutafit IQ soluble fiber required by the intestines to relieve constipation and prevent the body from accumulating toxins. , Upholding the concept of "light food" allows busy urbanites to eat quickly, defecate smoothly, and most importantly eat healthy.

NuFood Light Meal Nutritious Grains
- - Lower blood sugar
- - Reduce cholesterol
- - Prevent cardiovascular disease
- - Help in detoxification
- - Help in digestion
- - Intestines cleansing
- - Aid in weight loss
- - Nourishing brain
- - Enhance immunity


NuFood Light Meal Nutritious Grains
3 Major Features:
1) Easy to digest--Good absorption
The nutrient ratio of NuFood Light Meal Nutritious Grains is easy for the body to absorb, and combined with high-antioxidant fine-tuned ingredients, it is undoubtedly a grain that provides comprehensive and healthy nutrition.

2) Safety and certification--Safe and healthy
From the use of carefully selected raw materials, to the precise production mode of automatic assembly line, we strictly control food safety for consumers, and obtain the HACCP international food safety certification issued by the food safety certification body SGS.

3) Strengthen bones--Strengthen the bones of children and the elderly
Children need calcium to build bones during their growth-every 10% increase in bone density can delay the occurrence of osteoporosis by 13 years.
While, the elderly can easily solve the loss of calcium during the aging process-taking preventive measures and increasing calcium intake can delay the rate of bone thinning and reduce the risk of fracture.


The best way to boost metabolism - -NuFood Light Meal Nutritious Grains

- A large number of studies have shown that the higher the metabolism, the more calories consumed, the easier it is to maintain weight or get rid of excess fat, which has been generally recognized by people. And the right choice of food can effectively increase our metabolism.

A little knowledge for you
【The Key to Weight Loss - - Increase Metabolism 】
Metabolism is like a small train that consumes calories in our body. If its speed can be increased, fat burning can also be greatly accelerated.