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Don’t Let Your Favourite Clothes Get Too Tight!
ESCASSO Classic Choco is an effective Natural Slimming Solution. ESCASSO Classic Choco is a chocolate drink that is developed for slimming and enabling us to have a slim body shape so we can dress up beautifully, much like like those fashion icons in Paris!

Cocoa is the raw ingredient of chocolate that originates from the Americas in the early 18th century, which was first created by Indians. Under the promotion of the Swiss, chocolate has become a diversified daily food, such as hot chocolate drink. However, European countries like France were the platforms where hot chocolate drink had been popularized. Now, this drink has become a fascinating and trendy drink on the dining tables of the French.
Enjoy The Unique Café Culture of Paris At Champs- Élysées
One of the unforgettable views in Paris is to see those Parisian cafes filled with people enjoying their favourite drinks. French hot chocolate drink is not only the French’s favourite, but it also impressed the tourists there.


Why is Body Fat Reduction Important to You?
In our busy bustling city lifestyles, we enjoy gathering after work for dinners or even having a drink or two. Steamboats, hotpots, buffets and bars are always the favourite choices.

However, such long-term eating habits will lead to excessive burden to our body. We may not be able to simply resist all these delicious food consumption. Uncontrollable unhealthy food consumption will inevitably causes harmful substance in our body. The unablity to dispose such substances will slowly affect our body health negatively. These harmful substance in our body can be categorized as toxin, fat, thick and sticky blood. This excessive diet and lack of exercise are the main causes that lead to toxin accumulation in our body.

Furthermore, the lack of vegetables and fruits consumptions will reduce dietary fiber intake which may then aggravates the threat of toxins in our body. This usually occurs in the youngsters nowadays as many of them prefers meat as compared to vegetables and fruits.

ESCASSO provides the simple body detoxification to enable your body system to easily dispose all of the dangerous toxins in our body.


Get Fashionable & Slimmer Body with Proper & Effective Detoxification;



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